Cooperative Council Concludes Successful Annual Meeting


Dr. Troy Hall shares thoughts on cooperative leadership at the CCNC Annual Meeting in Raleigh.

The Cooperative Council of North Carolina hosted its Annual Meeting in Raleigh March 21-22. With the theme of Sharing our stories, creating our future, cooperators from across the Old North State engaged in educational and networking sessions, and had the opportunity to meet with state lawmakers.

“I’m thrilled at the energy and commitment of our cooperative movement,” said CCNC Executive Director Emily Nail. “The networking and sharing was really tremendous across the board. I’m really excited about the future of the Council and cooperatives in North Carolina,” she added.

The meeting was held at the NC Electric Cooperatives building in Raleigh. The location was arranged at the last minute in the wake of a fire last Thursday that heavily damaged the Quorum Center, the original location of the event. “Our friends at the Electrical Cooperatives worked really hard on our behalf to help us relocate the meeting at the last minute,” said Nail. “Their efforts ensured we would not miss a beat.”

The event kicked off  Tuesday with a motivational presentation on leadership by Dr. Troy Hall of South Carolina Federal Credit Union, and was followed by a panel discussion with cooperators representing various generations. The day concluded with a hosted dinner and remarks by Paul Mugge of NC State University.

On Wednesday, the event began at the cafeteria of the NC Legislative Office Building for a meeting with lawmakers. Cooperators discussed the impact they are having in the communities they serve. “From supporting Habitat for Humanity and feeding the hungry, to creating jobs and promoting economic growth and sustainability, our cooperatives were able to clearly and powerfully demonstrate the impact they are having across North Carolina,” shared Nail.

Following the meeting on Jones Street,  the event shifted back to the Electric Cooperatives for the business portion of the meeting, followed by a workshop that allowed participants to share their business challenges and discuss ways that cooperatives could work together to try and solve those challenges.

The event concluded with closing remarks from Tom Campbell, host of NC SPIN. Campbell gave his take on the current political situation in Washington, DC and Raleigh in an engaging back and forth with the cooperative group.

With the annual meeting now in the history books, the Council’s focus turns to cooperative education programs the remainder of the year, including Cooperative Leadership Camp, the Scouting Patch Program and Mini Coop 101. For more information on the Council, please visit their web site.

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