Self-Help Profiles Windsor’s St. Luke CU for Black History Month

As part of its celebration of Black History Month, Self-Help Credit Union is spotlighting North Carolina African American history. To kick off the spotlight series on its blog, Self-Help rolled out a short documentary sharing the history of St. Luke Credit Union in Windsor, NC. 

Chartered in 1944, St. Luke has been a reliable source of credit and thrift for African Americans in Bertie County. This credit union was one of many financial cooperatives formed by African Americans in the 20th century in North Carolina. These institutions were a lifeline for African Americans living under Jim Crow.

In recent years, small credit unions have faced a variety of challenges, most notably an increasingly complex regulatory environment and lack of resources. These forces could have threatened the survival of St. Luke but for pair of mergers that eventually folded the credit union into Self-Help. Through this partnership, St. Luke has retained its identity – and most important – it continues to serve Bertie County residents as it has for generations.

The video documentary is linked above, and the blog post is available here.

One thought on “Self-Help Profiles Windsor’s St. Luke CU for Black History Month

  1. Nicely done tribute to St. Luke Credit Union and its pioneers who essentially provided hope to a community. Hats off to Self-Help Credit Union for bringing this story to life. Maurice Smith


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