Renaissance Lists Job Openings, Targets Autumn open

masthead-12.14.15Northeast Greensboro’s 18-year trek through a desert – a food desert – is about to end. The Renaissance Community Co-op, a 10,530 square member-owned  grocery store, plans to wrap up construction and open in the fall. To prepare for the as-yet undetermined soft and grand opening events, job openings have been posted by the co-op.

RCC has already hired Michael Valente as its general manager. According to its web site, the RCC will be a full-service grocery store that sells a wide range of fresh foods and groceries at affordable prices. The co-op will bring good jobs, healthy living options, and community wealth to a neighborhood that struggles with obesity, diabetes, unemployment, and poverty.

The RCC will also serve as the anchor to the renovated Renaissance Shops, which is a shopping center that previously held a Winn-Dixie grocery store.

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