Profile: TBC Member Amy Medwin

“I’m not the city girl,” chuckles Amy Medwin of Yadkin County. Medwin, who lives 30 minutes from Winston-Salem and the Triad Buying Co-op, combines her volunteer commitment to TBC with her trip to pick up the locally-sourced products she chooses each month.

Medwin has been a member and volunteer at TBC from its earliest days, and places a high value on accessing locally-sourced goods as well as some of the other, national products offered by the co-op. Her latest TBC delivery includes flour, cashews, a bottle of root beer, and jalapeno cheese puffs. She’s also picking up some locally-sourced cheeses and produce.

She has a large organic farm and raises much of her own produce and meats. TBC plugs the gaps in her home grown food supply by providing such things as beef and cheeses from local farmers – some of whom she knows. Click the video to learn more about Amy and what it’s like to be a member at TBC.

One thought on “Profile: TBC Member Amy Medwin

  1. Food and Socks ??? – Who knew! But that’s how it works in a co-op like TBC. Some other savvy member knew about Farm to Feet in Mount Airy NC, and got the board’s approval to set up a vendor relationship. We all benefit from each other’s “local” connections and that makes the multiplier effect a powerful one both ways: Our local economy keeps the dollars, and we keep each other’s feet warm.


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