Cooperative Council Focuses on Future with Annual Meeting

The Renaissance Community Co-op in Greensboro is featured in the upcoming Cooperative
Council Annual Meeting March 9-10 in Winston-Salem.

The Cooperative Council of North Carolina has the future in mind with its upcoming annual meeting in Winston-Salem. The meeting takes place March 9-10 at the Hawthorne Inn and offers a mix of education, networking and fun.

The event includes a tour of Old Salem to kick things off, as well as Triad Buying Co-op (TBC) in Winston-Salem. TBC is a great example of a local cooperative connecting its members with local farmers and other nearby producers in order to help these communities realize their goals and be more sustainable. The opening day also features a discussion of the economic impact of North Carolina’s wine industry, which continues to flourish. The day caps off with an opportunity to sample some of that NC wine while networking with your cooperative peers.

Day two offers a look into the emerging face of cooperation with a Millennial panel discussion, followed by the Renaissance Community Cooperative story. The RCC is a start up food co-op that is scheduled to open later this year in Northeast Greensboro.

The RCC promises to deliver healthy sources of food at a value price point in order to help solve food insecurity in the neighborhood, which has been without a local grocery store for nearly 20 years. It’s an inspirational story of what can happen when a dedicated group of friends and neighbors pool their resources, roll up their sleeves and solve community problems.

To check out the full agenda, click here. I plan to be there and hope to see you there as well!


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