Introducing the Bridge!

GreatSmokeyMTsThe Bridge is here! This new site aims to showcase the impact cooperatives have across communities in the Carolinas, as well as share news and opinions from the cooperative sector.

The focus of the Bridge is simple: to connect cooperatives in local communities throughout the Carolinas. Cooperatives are invested in and intimately connected to the communities they serve. And many cooperatives participate in larger regional, state and national structures that specifically address their lines of business.

However, each one of us represents one part of a larger cooperative movement. From farm & electric co-ops, to credit unions & cooperatively-owned grocery stores, we can all work toward better connectivity, and strive toward building a stronger cooperative community.

The Bridge is offered as one simple communications tool to help build that stronger community.

So how, dear cooperator, can you help? Simple: let me know what your co-op is up to! How you’re serving your community, meeting needs and realizing your social purpose. I’d be thrilled to report on what you’re up to and even report on your events with my trusty video camera. You can contact me at

And who am I? I am Jeff Hardin, and I have the pleasure of serving as the director of cooperative initiatives for the Carolinas Credit Union League. The League believes strongly that the social purpose of cooperatives drives their entire business rationale, and that connectivity & “cooperation among cooperatives” enhances the success of everyone.

In addition to this blog site, The Bridge also has social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You are invited to give the blog and its accounts a follow and share your stories, pictures and news.

Now let’s create a more connected & vibrant cooperative community, shall we?

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