As holidays approach, food co-ops share recipes

With the approach of the holidays comes the time of family, friends … and food! For many, the preparation of food is one way that we can say we care about the people in our lives. 

Leo Steward, a board member with Greensboro’s Renaissance Community Cooperative, shows his care for others by making gumbo. In the above video Leo walks you through each step of the process, and shares the impact this recipe has on his family (in particular his daughter) and on others. The video also promotes the co-op’s partnership with the YWCA on a healthy food initiative in the Gate City.

Our blog space includes a Pinterest account with a recipe board. This series of recipes is pulled from food co-ops in the Carolinas that are sharing some of their favorites with their members and the general public. You will find this Pinterest board by clicking here.

If your food co-op would like to add a recipe to this board, please email me the details at Happy Thanksgiving … and bon apetit!



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