Weaver Street aligns community needs in strategic goals

Weaver Street Market The holidays are here and with them come the so-called season of giving. Cooperatives across the Carolinas will commit to their communities in a variety of ways, including helping people receive the basic human needs of food and shelter. Others will sponsor families who cannot afford to purchase Christmas gifts.

The Seventh Cooperative Principle of Concern for Community drives all these activities during the holiday season and throughout the year. One really great initiative underway at the Weaver Street Market is taking the community concern impulse and using it to direct the strategic direction and growth of the co-op.

Weaver Street Market has set forth four strategic goals for the co-op as it heads to the year 2020. Each of these is intended to meet community needs of one type or another in and around the Market’s Orange County locations.

As you might expect, food is a big part of these goals. The co-op plans to increase healthy food access to the broader community, and increase the supply and availability of locally-sourced and sustainable foods.

Another interesting goal addresses the growth of the co-op and matching that growth to downtown revitalization. Weaver Street aims to open new storefront locations in downtown areas in order to enhance the quality of life in its service area.

A fourth goal benefits the community by helping he environment. The co-op commits to using zero net energy, creating zero waste and promoting responsible packaging by 2020.

Weaver Street appears to have aligned community needs with their own core competencies. The result are these ambitious but quite smart goals.

That’s food for thought as co-ops discuss their future path.

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