RCC Story Demonstrates Power of Cooperation, Community Organizing

The Renaissance Community Cooperative announced this week that it will hold its grand opening ceremonies November 4-5 on Phillips Avenue in Northeast Greensboro. The 10,530 square foot community-owned retail grocery will serve as an anchor to the revitalized Renaissance Shops. The public is invited to celebrate the opening of the RCC, which will bring healthy, affordable sources of food to the neighborhood.   Continue reading

Coastal CEO Memo Underscores Cooperative Difference

The revelation of Wells Fargo’s opening of more than two million bogus accounts has dominated the headlines for a week now. The scandal has led to more than 5,300 employee firings, and bank CEO John Stumpf apologized in an appearance before the Senate Banking Committee today.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Coastal Federal Credit Union is making a statement of his own. The memo from Chuck Purvis, released to staff at the Raleigh-based financial institution late Monday, underscores perfectly the clear contrast between the  member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative structure versus a for-profit, investor owned institution like Wells.  Continue reading

Say Cheese! Cabot Community Tour Comes to Carolina

Cabot Farmer-Owner Tammy Barnes (left) and SVP of Marketing Roberta MacDonald talk about Cabot’s Gratitude Grill, which served lunch at Coastal Federal Credit Union Monday, September 12, 2016. The Coastal FCU event is part of a month-long series of events in the Carolinas in partnership with the Cooperative Council of North Carolina.

Cabot, a New England-based dairy cooperative owned by 1.200 farm families, is serving up food, fellowship and smiles in the Carolinas! Cabot’s 2016 Community Tour includes a series of events in North Carolina and South Carolina through early October. Continue reading

SPC Credit Union Paying Anniversary Forward with 75 Days of Kindness

“Good works are links that form a chain of love.” — Mother Teresa


SPC’s 75 Days of Kindness benefits the communities the credit union serves, as well as invites individuals to do good deeds for others. 

For many organizations, a milestone anniversary provides an opportunity to reflect on the past and celebrate accomplishments of growth through the years. Some companies design special logos or buy lunch for the staff on one day. Typically, corporate anniversaries do not resonate with people inside and especially outside an organization in a meaningful way.

But at SPC Credit Union, a milestone anniversary has become an opportunity to resonate with the communities it serves in a variety of ways and over a period of more than a year – by focusing the attention on the concept of paying it forward. Continue reading

Renaissance Lists Job Openings, Targets Autumn open

masthead-12.14.15Northeast Greensboro’s 18-year trek through a desert – a food desert – is about to end. The Renaissance Community Co-op, a 10,530 square member-owned  grocery store, plans to wrap up construction and open in the fall. To prepare for the as-yet undetermined soft and grand opening events, job openings have been posted by the co-op.

RCC has already hired Michael Valente as its general manager. According to its web site, the RCC will be a full-service grocery store that sells a wide range of fresh foods and groceries at affordable prices. The co-op will bring good jobs, healthy living options, and community wealth to a neighborhood that struggles with obesity, diabetes, unemployment, and poverty.

The RCC will also serve as the anchor to the renovated Renaissance Shops, which is a shopping center that previously held a Winn-Dixie grocery store.

Engagement, Education Purpose of Council’s “Mini Co-op 101” Series

CCNC Executive Director Emily Nail says the Mini Co-op 101 sessions will be fun, interactive and informative.

CCNC Executive Director Emily Nail says the Mini Co-op 101 sessions will be fun, interactive and informative.

The Cooperative Council of North Carolina has scheduled a series of events aimed at connecting cooperative employees, while providing a primer on principles education. “Mini Co-op 101” takes place August 24, September 14 and October 13.

“The Council is strongly committed to providing opportunities for co-ops and their employees to connect, as well as provide opportunities for professional development,” shared CCNC Executive Director Emily Nail. “Not everyone can attend a meeting in another part of the state, and so the idea behind Mini Co-op 101 is for us to take the meeting where people live and work.” Continue reading